Fursuit commissions • Open between 1-4 sep! Read more here

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can not find an answer you are looking for please contact me.

  • Where is Black Sticky based?
    I'm based in Sweden. I speak both english and swedish.
  • Where can I find your prices?
  • Can I request a quote for fursuit parts?
    I recommend you to use my price calculator for this. It has all the things I offer regarding fursuit parts.
  • When will the next opening for fursuit or kigurumi commissions be?
    There are no set dates, but as soon as I feel I can open again I will announce this at least a couple of weeks before the opening date. You can check my website, twitter, facebook or instagram for announcements about this.
  • How long are the fursuit and kigurumi forms open?
    This can vary, but I often keep them open for a few days. You can send in your submission anytime between these days. After the last day the form will be closed and no longer accept new submissions.
  • I applied before but did not get a slot. Do I need to apply again?
    As of now, yes you have to send in a new submission each time I open. For both fursuits and kigurumis. This makes it easier for me to keep track of submissions and not miss anyone.
  • I'm not yet 18, can I still order from you?
    No sorry, you cannot. This has changed since I have no way of knowing if I am actually in contact with your parent/guardian. Violation of this will result in you not being able to commission me again.
  • What is a kigurumi?
    "Kigurumi (着ぐるみ), Japanese term for a costumed character. Cosplay pajamas, a type of Japanese onesie that resembles an animal." - Source Wikipedia.
  • What materials are the kigurumi made of?
    I work with high quality fleece and polyester thread. Naturally the kigurumis are very warm to wear.
  • What measurements are needed for a kigurumi?
    I need your measurments in centimeters or inches. Please specify which unit you will use, do not mix them!

    1. Height
    2. Hood height (from neck to top of head)
    3. Shoulders (from shoulder to shoulder on your back)
    4. Arm length (from shoulder to wrist)
    5. Bicep (circumference)
    6. Forearm (circumference)
    7. Wrist (circumference)
    8. Chest (circumference)
    9. Waist (circumference)
    10. Hips (circumference)
    11. Ankle (circumference)
  • What measurements are needed for a partial fursuit?
    I need your measurments in centimeters or inches. Please specify which unit you will use, do not mix them!

      Fursuit Head
    1. Head horizontal (circumference)
    2. Head vertical (circumference)
    3. Space between eyes
    4. Face width

    5. Sleeves
    6. Shoulders (from shoulder to shoulder on your back)
    7. Arm length (from shoulder to wrist)
    8. Bicep (circumference)
    9. Forearm (circumference)
    10. Wrist (circumference)

    11. Hand Paws
    12. Hand length (from bottom of your palm where your hand starts to the tip of your middle finger)
    13. Hand width (circumference just below your fingers)
    14. Fingers (circumference, for 4 or 3 finger paws)

    15. Feet Paws
    16. Ankle (circumference)
    17. Foot size (EU)
    18. Foot length (from your heel to your toes)
    19. Foot width (circumference just below your toes)
  • What materials do you use for fursuits?
    Main materials for my fursuit making are foam (safe for making fursuit heads), hot glue and fake fur. I also use fleece and minky fabrics for details such as noses, ears and teeth.
  • Do you use real fur?
    No. Never. All fur and leather I use are fake.
  • How do I wash my fursuit from Black Sticky?
  • How do I wash my kigurumi?
    My kigurumis can be machine washed in 30°. Small dirt spots can be rubbed with a bit of washing powder and washed with warm water.