Frequently Asked Questions

If you can not find an answer you are looking for please contact me.

  • When will the next opening for fursuit or kigurumi commissions be?
    There are no set dates, but when I do I announce it on my website and social media.
  • How long are the fursuit and kigurumi forms open?
    This can vary, but I often keep them open for a few days. You can send in your submission anytime between these days. After the last day the form will be closed and no longer accept new submissions.
  • I applied before but did not get a slot. Do I need to apply again?
    Yes you have to send in a new submission each time I open. For both fursuits and kigurumis. This makes it easier for me to keep track of submissions and not miss anyone.
  • I'm not yet 18, can I still order from you?
    No sorry, you can not.
  • Can I bring your commission to a convention?
    Yes (if we are going to the same convention and I am able to bring it with me), any extra luggage fee needs to be paid by you.
  • What measurements are needed?
    This depends on what type of commission you are interested in. When you get a slot from me I send out a list of the measurments I need from you.
  • What materials do you use for fursuits?
    Main materials I use are foam (safe for making fursuit heads), hot glue and fake fur. I also use fleece and minky fabrics for details such as noses, ears and teeth. I do not work with plastics, silicone or resin.
  • Do you work with electronics such as fans or led lights?
    No I do not.
  • Do you make moving jaws?
    No I do not. I work with foam and my jaws are static.
  • Do you use real fur?
    No. All fur and leather I use are fake.
  • How do I wash my fursuit?
    Read about Black Sticky fursuit care here.
  • What materials are the kigurumi made of?
    I work with soft high quality fleece. Naturally the kigurumis are very warm to wear.
  • How do I wash my kigurumi?
    My kigurumis can be machine washed in 30°. Small dirt spots can be rubbed with a bit of washing powder and washed with warm water.
  • What is a kigurumi?
    "Kigurumi (着ぐるみ), Japanese term for a costumed character. Cosplay pajamas, a type of Japanese onesie that resembles an animal." - Source Wikipedia.
  • Where is Black Sticky based?
    I'm based in Sweden. I speak both english and swedish.