Caring for your Black Sticky fursuit

General care

Brush the fur gently with a fine brush (you can find good brushes pet stores, they work really well for faux fur). If there are tangles of fur try to brush it out, you can also use a hair dryer to straighten fur that has been warped (use very low temperature). You can also brush fleece very carefully to keep it soft and nice. Always use a balaclava when you wear your fursuit head and use some form of underclothing for the sleeves and hand paws to reduce sweat seeping into the fabric and foam. Spray your fursuit parts with fursuit spray after you are done fursuiting to keep it fresh longer.

If your suit has acrylic paint/air brush on it, be extra careful around those parts! Do not machine wash any parts that have acrylic paint/air brush on it, it will get ruined.

I do not recommend you to wear your suit outside in rain or snow. Damp fur gets heavy and can tear the seams open.

Spots and dirt

If you get dirt on your suit try rubbing a little bit of washing powder/stain removal (read the instructions of the washing powder and do not use bleach) hand wash in lukewarm water. You might have to repeat this step. Brush the fur when it’s damp to avoid the fur getting warped when it dries.


Do not machine wash! Do not soak the whole head in water! Do not tumble dry! The eyes and the fit of the head could be ruined if you do any of the above.

Use a damp cloth and fursuit spray to clean the inside of the head. Avoid splashing water or fursuit spray on the eyes. When you wear your fursuit head remember to always use a balaclava to reduce sweat seeping into the fabric and foam. Spray the inside of the head with fursuit spray to keep it fresh longer after each use.

Hand paws, sleeves and tail

Hand wash or machine wash with fine setting (max 35°C) with a little bit of washing powder/stain removal. Tumble dry at a very low/cold temperature, let it then air dry.

Foot paws

Hand wash (max 35°C) with washing powder/stain removal. You can use a shoe dryer to dry them and spray fursuit spray or anti smell spray for shoes inside them.