Fursuit Information

Next opening date Closed for submissions

What you need to know before submitting.

Please read through carefully so you are fully prepared!

Read through my terms of service before you consider applying for a slot.

Be ready to pay the 20% deposit (non-refundable) if you get a slot! You can calculate a rough price estimate for a fursuit from me here. I reserve the right to change my prices at any time without further notice.

The form will be open a week (7 days). You can apply anytime between these days. I pick which submission(s) gets a slot (this is determend by what I am able to make). There is no first come first serve so there is no stress sending in your submission fast.

After the last day and the form is closed I will go through all the submissions and reply to the one(s) that have been accepted to a slot. This might take a couple of days so don't be alarmed if you don't get an email right away but the email should go out no later then a week after the submission form is closed. If you cannot reply on this email within 24 hours you will lose your slot and someone else will be picked. I will not email you if you did not get a slot.


  • I applied before but did not get a slot. Do I need to apply again?
    Dont worry! I will go through old submissions too. If you have already sent in a submission earlier you don't have to send in another (if you don't want to change anything or apply with a new character).
  • How long is the form open?
    The form will be open a whole week (7 days). You can apply anytime between these days. After the last day the form will be closed and I will no longer accept new submissions.
  • Do I have to order a "whole" partail suit?
    No, but minimum for this form is that you apply for a fursuit head atleast. If you want to order just a tail or hand paws etc. please contact me here instead.
  • When will the next opening be?
    There are no set dates, but as soon as I feel I can open again. You can check my website, twitter, facebook or instagram for announcements.
  • I'm not yet 18, can I still order from you?
    No sorry, you cannot. This have changed since I have no way of knowing if I am actually emailing with your parent/guardian. Violation of this will result in you not being able to commission me again.