Commission Starting Prices

These are my starting prices for commissions. All prices are displayed in SEK (swedish krona). Paypal can convert currencies and you can also convert here The price may vary depending on the complexity of the commission. Contact me for a quote for your specific design.

I make everything from fursuits, digital art, dice bags, kigurumis and more. You can see all my previous work here. If you can’t find a price for something specific, don’t hesitate to contact me and ask about it.

Please read my terms of service before ordering.

Terms of service


Prices are calculated for a simple character design with 2 colors.

Head 4500 SEK
Sleeves 500 SEK
Wing Sleeves 900 SEK
Hand paws 750 SEK
Feet paws 1650 SEK
Sock paws (with paw pads, indoor use) 1800 SEK
Tail 650 SEK
Body (plantigrade) 3000 SEK
Body (digitigrade) 3800 SEK

Custom Kigurumi

Kigurumi 950 SEK
Only kigurumi design template 150 SEK

Digital and traditional art

Telegram sticker 80 SEK each (5 for 300 SEK)
Headshot/Profile picture 200 SEK
Badge Digital 230 SEK
Badge Traditional 270 SEK
Half Body 280 SEK (+30 SEK for added characters)
Full Body 350 SEK (+50 SEK for added characters)
Reference sheet - Includes full body view of your character, front and back. Feral form. Color palette. 3 accessories (like food or items). 450+ SEK (Extra items, foods and clothing cost 50 SEK extra.)

Other things

Headband ears (with horns) 320 SEK
Headband ears (big) 290 SEK
Headband ears (small) 270 SEK
Dice bag with embroidery design 190 SEK