My prices are displayed in SEK (Swedish krona) excluding swedish VAT (25%). These are my starting prices and vary depending on the complexity of your design and materials used. The prices do not include shipping, this will be calculated once your commission is done and ready to be shipped.

Please be advised that my prices can be adjusted without prior notice. This however is not applied to already accepted commissions.

If you wish to order just one set of sleeves, handpaws, feetpaws or a tail contact me here.

If you are interested in just a head or a partial suit you have to order them via my submission form that open certain dates. Read more on my commission page

Partial Suit

Starting at 22500 SEK

Partials include a Head, Handpaws, Feetpaws and a Tail.

You can add sleeves, wings and some other extra things to your order.

Fursuit Head

Starting at 14000 SEK

Handmade fursuit head with custom fit. Made out of safe craft foam, faux fur and minky fabrics.

I can make extra eyelids and tounges you attatch with hidden magnets on the head.

I do not make moving jaws or work with fans or led lights.


Starting at 2200 SEK

Sleeves made out of faux fur, connected with an elastic band. You wear the band under a t-shirt.

I am able to make wing sleeves for you. Either sleeves with smaller wings attached at the elbow or big winged sleeves that goes down to your knee.


Starting at 3500 SEK

Soft claws and paw pads. Choose with or without lining inside.


Starting at 4000 SEK

I can make outdoor or indoor paws (also called sock paws)

The indoor paws are soft. They have paw pads/sole made of faux leather (even if you don't have paw pads on your character I recommend having some kind of sole so you don't slip and fall).

The outdoor paws have solid black plastic soles and no paw pads. They can be used outdoor for short walks (I do not recommend using them while its raining or snowing).


Starting at 1200 SEK

All of my tails have belt hoops and a hidden zipper so you can remove the polyfilling when you wash the tail.


Starting at 4000 SEK

A onesie made out of soft fleece. My kigurumis has two big pockets and a large cozy hood. You can add extra wings, faux fur, embroidery etc.

I make them by standard with buttons but it is possible to use a zipper instead. I can also add zippers on the pockets