Terms of Service

Please read the terms before ordering

You can read more about specific important information for fursuits, kigurumis and art commissions further down.

You must be 18 years or older to commission me. Violation of this will result in you not being able to commission me again.

When you accept to work with me and when you transfer your first payment you agree to my terms of service.


Quotes are just price estimates and do not put you in my commission queue. I will not start with your order until the price is accepted and the first payment to me has been done. I reserve the right to decline an inquiry for a quote.

My prices are displayed in SEK (swedish krona). Paypal can convert other currencies. I reserve the right to change my prices at any time without further notice.

Shipping may not be included in the price estimate. You can specify if you want the shipping to be included in the price estimate. Shipping will be payed fully by you.


All commissions must be payed upfront except fursuit, kigurumis and other large commissions. You can choose to pay installments of 2, 3 or 6 for fursuits and 2, 3 installments for kigurumis or other large orders. We will together decide on a payment plan that will work for both of us.

I accept payments via Paypal. Swedish customers can choose to pay with Swish.

Materials and colors

It is important to know that not all colors are sometimes available in the exact same hues as on your reference artwork. I will try to get the most accurate colors I can find for the fur and fleece fabrics. Also please bare in mind that monitor colors vary and the fabric can look slightly different in real life.

Work in Progress and Finished Work

I will provide you with WIP (work in progress) pictures now and then during the time I work on you commission. Please do not ask for WIP pictures.

I reserve the right to post pictures of my work I have made on social media, my website or other platforms without consent from you.


Your order can take some time to complete depending on my current commission queue. Please have in mind that I am only one person and I work alone. Some things take longer to complete than others.

I will not accept any promise for completion for a specific date, convention or event deadlines since it can cause a lot of stress and affect the quality of my work.

Can I bring your commission to a convention? Yes (if we are going to the same convention), but any extra luggage fee needs to be paid by you.


You pay for the full shipping.

I will not ship your order until I have received the full payment and the shipping cost for the commission .

I am based in Sweden. I can mostly ship worldwide. Shipping cost are calculated depending on weight, dimensions and destination of the finished and packed commission.

I send packages via PostNord, UPS or DHL.

I cannot be held responsible for any additional import or shipping taxes, or if your package gets lost. If you are concerned about the delivery of your package you can upgrade your shipping with a tracking code or extra insurance. Please let me know about this as soon as possible. Keep in mind, this may affect the cost for your shipping.

If you do not pick up your package and it get sent back to me you must pay any extra fees and shipping cost before I can send it again.


If you choose to cancel your commission during any stage after it has been started, you are entitled a partial refund depending of the completion status of the commission. However if you ordered a fursuit the 20% deposit you made in the beginning are non-refundable. For kigurumis the material cost will not be refunded.

After the sketch are accepted on a art commission I cannot refund your commission if you decide to cancel it.

After your commission is completed, no refunds are possible.

I reserve the right to redesign and sell any incomplete or canceled commissions.


If you have any questions please contact me here.

All the contact between me and you during the time I work with your commission will be via email but also Telegram, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for WIP pictures if you wish.

Digital and traditional art

I will not draw: sex, genitalia, nudes, diaper, skat, rape, racist/hate symbols, self harm or violence.

I will draw: bikini/underwear, gore/blood, weapons.

For art commissions I will send you a WIP for the sketch. After the sketch are accepted I do not refund your commission if you decide to cancel it. Although if I miss any markings or minor details after it’s completed I will correct this.

As an individual you can post the finished piece on social media or other platforms. You can also print it, make t-shirts or other items, but you cannot make merchandise and sell. Please let me know about this before ordering an art commission if this is your intention.

Kigurumi Commissions

I will need a proper reference sheet, picture or artwork of you character/animal you want as a kigurumi. The reference should have front and back view of you character with all the markings and colors clearly visible.

I will make a digital kigurumi design before I start making the kigurumi. You can make changes to it so you are satisfied with the design. Beware that patterns sometimes need to be simplified in order to be able to work when sewing. Tell me if you have any special requests (this may affect the price).

Fleece fabrics can sometimes be hard to find in all colors. The colors might vary slightly but I will try my best to find similar colors to match.

If I have aquired special material for your kigurumi and you wish to cancel the commission the cost for the material will not be refunded.


When I have your measurements and the first payment, I can start working with your kigurumi. The commission for a kigurumi can take up to 4 weeks to finish (workdays and provided I have all the materials).

Please beware that I might need to order materials for your commission and it can take up to 7 days before I have it in the workshop.


I need your measurements in centimeters or inches. Specify wich unit you will use, do not mix them!

Fursuit Commissions

Before I start with your order I am going to need a 20% deposit (non-refundable if you decide to cancel your order). This deposit guarantees you a spot in my commission queue for fursuits. Fursuits are big projects and require a lot of focus and planning, that’s why I want to make sure you are a serious buyer with this deposit.

I do not recreate a previous ordered suit for someone, unless it’s for the original owner of the character/fursuit.

My fursuits are customized and handmade by me. I always seek to be better and learn more but please know that I can also make small mistakes and imperfections.

Design and character concept

I will need a proper reference sheet or artwork of you character. The reference should have front and back view of you character with all the markings and colors clearly visible. The reference should be as close to the fursuit look that you want (facial features, proportions etc.). Artistic libery is always welcome.

If I consider the reference to not be sufficiently clear you must send me another one or describe it more.

It’s okay to change the design of your character, just notify me of the changes as soon as possible. Some things can be changed but not everything is going to work.

If you want I will make a rough sketch of the suit in my style before I start working.


I will need measurements of the parts you want me to make. You can also send me duct tape dummies. You can find a lot of information and good tutorials on how to make a duct tape dummy on the internet. Just remember to not tape it too tight or too loose.

I need your measurements in centimeters or inches. Specify wich unit you will use, do not mix them!

If you’re ordering outdoor feet paws I will need a pair of shoes to build on, or duct tape dummy of your feets/calves. The shoes can not be high top and no shoes with string or velcro strap! Otherwise you won’t be able to get your foot inside the feet paws. You need to send me shoes that you have tried and are comfortable for you, I can not buy them since they might not fit you even if its the right shoe size they might be too narrow or wide.

I am not to be held responsible if the suit doesn’t fit you. If you made a duct tape dummy correctly, filled out my measurements form and/or sent me shoes everything should be fine.


Please note that your fursuit can take between 6-18 months to complete, depending of complexity of your design, if I have to get certain materials, and my commission queue length.

I order sometimes high quality faux fur and materials from outside of Sweden. The waiting time for the materials to arrive might sometimes be very long, up to 4-5 weeks.

I will not accept any promise for completion for a specific date, convention or event deadlines since it can cause a lot of stress and affect the quality of my work.

Repairs and Care

You will have 30 days after you received your order to contact me if your fursuit need repairs (popped seems, glue coming loose etc.).

Any changes to your suit not made by me void the repair warranty.

Large repairs and modifications are not covered by the repair warranty and you will be charged a repair/modification cost. Contact me about this to get a price estimate.

Your suit MUST be clean if you wish me to repair or mod it.

Your suit won’t last forever and wear and tear is natural. Please take care of your suit by washing it and gently brush it. Read more on how to care for a Black Sticky fursuit here.

My style

I have a toony style on the fursuits I make, but feel free to ask me about more realistic look for your suit.

I do not work with finished bases right now. All the foam bases for heads and parts I make are unique, made from scratch and customized for you.

My suits do not have moving jaws and I do not make them.

I will not copy anyone else’s fursuit style. If you want someone’s specific style you should go ask them.